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Crush the Castle Crush the Castle

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome game

I made an indestructible castle.
0~w_i:423.35,365|w_i:435,366.65|w_i:4 53.25,366.65|w_i:480,365|w_i:620,371.
65|w_i:631.7,373.35|w_i:650,380|w_i:6 68.35,378.35|w_i:683.35,375|fl_i:514.
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515,113.3|f_i:663.3,300|w_i:706.7,376 .65|f_i:665,273.35|f_i:671.7,253.35|f _i:670,241.7|f_i:666.7,230|f_i:673.35 ,218.35|f_i:676.7,201.65|f_i:678.35,1 95|f_i:676.7,183.35|f_i:676.7,173.35|
f_i:678.35,166.65|f_i:681.7,156.65|fl _i:613.35,61.65|fl_i:618.35,45|fl_i:6 15,23.3|fl_i:613.35,10|fl_i:618.35,-8 .35|fl_i:618.35,-23.35|ws_i:425.05,45 |ws_i:460.05,43.3|ws_i:478.35,41.65|w s_i:498.35,44.9|ws_i:441.6,45|fl_i:51 3.35,-71.7|fl_i:513.3,-98.35|fl_i:515 ,-128.35|f_i:670.05,-71.7|f_i:675,-96 .6|f_i:671.7,-130|fl_i:575,-175|fl_i:
7,-248.35|f_i:586.7,-268.35|f_i:583.3 5,-291.7|f_i:586.7,-310|f_i:586.7,-32 5|f_i:590,-345|p_t:593.4,-380|w_i:751 .7,353.35|w_i:751.7,278.35|w_i:745.05 ,180|w_i:751.7,-8.35|w_i:790,381.65|w _i:813.35,-66.7|w_i:838.35,376.65|w_i :828.35,-51.7|w_i:913.35,116.65|w_i:9 33.35,-10|w_i:906.7,-51.7|w_i:840,-20 |w_i:765,-71.7|w_i:916.65,-76.7|w_i:7 81.7,-163.35|w_i:961.7,-60|w_i:991.7,
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788.35,-255|w_i:760,-266.7|w_i:765,-2 10|w_i:810,-195|w_i:870,-153.35|w_i:8 03.35,-291.7|w_i:728.35,-313.35|w_i:6 91.7,-326.7|w_i:783.35,-321.7|w_i:845 ,-296.7|w_i:886.7,-241.7|w_i:883.35,3 8.3|w_i:860.05,248.35|w_i:733.35,163.

Escape from Oval Office Escape from Oval Office

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


It is a great game. But, I played this on some other site and it had a lot of bugs, however, I was able to get the left wing, it was under the table next to the couch, but now, in this version, no matter how much I zoom in, no matter how much i click, I can't get the view under the table to grab that left wing.

dgjertsen responds:

Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to go out last night. I made some changes this morning. So if you're looking for the wing where it used to be, it isn't there anymore, it's somewhere else...I though the previous hiding place was too much of a pixel hunt. Thanks

chat bot v.3 chat bot v.3

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Spend more time on it.

That was very poorly made. The AI was extremely poor. It had no memory capabilities whatsoever; it doesn't seem like you programmed this yourself but that you used a template or something and added your own little bit to it. Very few of its responses made sense grammatically and it tried to use your own statements in very faulty and improper ways. When you would ask a question about something it said, It wouldn't give you an answer but would ask you a question about what you tried to ask. Nor did it understand simple expressions. When I asked something about it, it told me that AI developments were becoming rapidly amazing whereas this was very badly done and made me realize that I could probably do something much better using simple "if-then" statements in java if I wanted to take the time, which I am not going to do. If you feel that you must do something like this, I recommend spending quite a bit of time on making it more life like and testing it before submitting it. I also suggest that you find a way to make it "learn" if you're at all serious about this.

The Love Fairy:BETA The Love Fairy:BETA

Rated 4 / 5 stars

that was horrible.

It was good. But, did you have to make the 100% ending thing like that I mean come on....that poor girl. How could you do that???? Overall pretty good though. And I don't know if you realized it but the color of the guy in the last part is actually the color of the circle in the customization part already.

Riddle School 3 Riddle School 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars

haha that was so awesome.

but i dont FEEL possessed... are you sure??? I loved this game. Are you gonna make another one? Oh and there is a problem with the map; when you enter Mrs. Oddverb's room, the map shows your location as being in the auditorium, but leaves that box black. My time was 0:07:05.

AchingDreamsHentaiDateSim AchingDreamsHentaiDateSim

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

pretty good.

Its good, challenging, but not impossible. But i have a question about the cheats: other than the credits one, does it tell you that the others are cheats, or do I just have to guess?

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Listen2Reason responds:

I'm not quite sure what you're asking...Basically, all the cheats are listed on the achievement page when you get the achievements. Some cheats show you sex scenes, and they work immediately; as soon as you heat 'Cheat' you go right to the scene. The credits cheat is like this too. The rest of the cheats all have some effect on the game you start next. You have to put in the cheat(s), then hit "Start Game" and they'll be in effect. Did that answer your question? If not, PM me.

Escape from the Gallery Escape from the Gallery

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I drew a door, I cut a circle in the glass, drained the water, all that good stuff. Now I am left with a remote and a dental pick and I can't seem to do anything, the tab key doesn't show anything I haven't clicked on (although there are things to do that the tab key doesn't show, I used it anyway) and I can't seem to find anything left to do. Except grab that key and leave...somehow; I know there can't be anymore items other than the key because there is only one unused or previously unused spot in the inventory. Is it not finished or something? Or do I just need help?

Another Christmas Escape Another Christmas Escape

Rated 4 / 5 stars


It was fun, very challenging, and it held my attention. However, once I had the wirey lemon and the rope and the clippers, I couldn't find anything else to do. Maybe you'll give us some help???

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Error Message Error Message

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

press da button, press da button, pdb, pdb pdb pdb

I love button clicking games :D.
ur computer
a pirate
I AM A PIRATE!!!!!!!!!
Im a really cool pirate too.
I play the POTC music on the trumpet with the solo, you know the one that goes duh dah daaah dah duh doh da duh doooh dooooooo duh daaaaah! in the really high octave.
I didnt like the ending tho
you should have at least made a replay button at the end.
So, did i make you really happy by voting five and writing a review cuz your
schizophrenic computer said it would make you happy +^{D> (in case you cant tell, thats a new smilie that i made up its a cyclops with a mustache and a beard, see, i'll point out everything in case you still cant tell; + is the eye, ^ is the nose, { is the mustache, D is the toothy grin, and > is the beard, +^{D> HOW COOL IS HE!!!!!)
wow, i didnt mean to write a review this long.
im sorry
OMFG the cyclops got sad and evolved, now im depressed.
YAY!!!!!! ye devolved again, im so happy, just like GIR (in case you dont know, GIR is invader Zim's pet robot, HES PSYCHOTIC, YAY FOR PSYCHO ROBOTS!!!!!)
im sorry about rambling on like this.
I'll go now.

Penboy responds:

The ending? My computer forced me to end it, vowing it would never give me a banana cake :(
Thanks for the long review, I'm sure you're an awesomely cool pirate too :^{D>

Anti Pong Anti Pong

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

make it laptop compatible

either the powerups dont actually work or they dont work on laptops, or my laptop at least, use like w,a,s,d for power ups or something.